Usage and Copyright

The Digital Humanities Center (DHC) of the American Academy in Rome makes available free of charge images and digital objects to which the Academy holds the rights to scholars, educators, and the general public. The images and materials contained in the DHC stem from the Academy’s Photographic Archive, the Fototeca Unione, the Academy’s Institutional Archive, the Norton-Van Buren Archaeological Study Collection, and other Academy collections.

The Academy’s intent is to provide greater access to its archival collections through the creation of finding aids, the cataloging, and the gradual digitization of its archival collections, for the purpose of research, teaching, and personal enrichment and to promote interdisciplinary research.  

The DHC currently contains over 58,000 images, divided in collections. The images mostly consist of photographs of archaeological sites and objects, architecture and art, landscape architecture and gardens, as well as institutional materials documenting the history of the Academy. Over time, the Academy intends to catalog, preserve, and digitize its entire holdings at the Photographic Archive, the Regia and Cosa collections, and material objects held at the Archaeological Study Collection. Additional digitized material from the institutional archive is added regularly.  

Images on the DHC (up to 300 dpi) are available under a Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Images may be downloaded and freely used for personal, educational and scholarly, non-commercial purposes. High resolution images are made selectively available on request. Captions for individual images must be downloaded separately.

Please use the applicable credit line when reproducing an image:

American Academy in Rome, Photographic Archive.
American Academy in Rome, Fototeca Unione Collection.
American Academy in Rome, Institutional Archive.
American Academy in Rome, Archaeological Study Collection.
American Academy in Rome, Cosa Archaeological Collection.
American Academy in Rome, Regia Archaeological Collection.

When appropriate, include the name of the artist, photographer or author. Images may be edited, cropped, overprinted or otherwise altered, but the credit line must acknowledge that only a part of the item has been reproduced.

The Academy would appreciate a copy of any scholarly publication in which the images are reproduced. Copies may be sent to:

American Academy in Rome
Arthur & Janet C. Ross Library
Via Angelo Masina, 5
00153 Rome, Italy

Requests for commercial use and high resolution images and other professional services must be sent to the relevant repositories at the Academy:

Archaeological Study Collection, Cosa & Regia Archaeological Collections:

Institutional Archive:

Photographic Archive & Fototeca Unione Collections:

Specify how images will be used; include type of publication, publisher, and anticipated print run.  

Documents, photographs, slides and transcripts owned by the Archives of the American Academy in Rome may be protected by copyright, trademark or a related interest not owned by the Archive: IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE APPLICANT TO DETERMINE WHETHER ANY SUCH RIGHTS EXIST, AND TO OBTAIN NECESSARY PERMISSION FOR USE.


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