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[Basilica di San Gaudenzio, (Novara, Italy). Byzantine ivories: consular diptych leaf of Severus (?), 525 A.D. (?)]
[Bibliothèque Nationale, (Paris, France). Byzantine and roman ivories: consular diptych leaves of Flavius Probus Magnus, 518 A.D. and Flavius Felix 428 A.D.]
[Bibliothèque Nationale, (Paris, France). Byzantine ivories: consular diptych of Flavius Theodorus Philoxenus, 525 A.D.]
[British Museum, (London, England). Byzantine ivories: panel representing Adoration of the Magi and Nativity. VI century]
[Duomo, (Milan, Italy). Byzantine ivories]
[Duomo, (Ravenna, Italy). Byzantine ivories: so-called "Maximian's chair". Scenes from the life of Joseph, nativity and Christ healing the blind. VI century]
[Duomo, (Rossano, Italy). Byzantine illumination from the Codex Rossanensis: Raising of Lazarus, compared to illumination from "Rabula Gospel" with holy women at the tomb, in Biblioteca Laurenziana, Florence. VI century]
[Kaiser Friedrich Museum, (Berlin, Germany). Byzantine ivories: consular diptych of Justinus, ca. 540 A.D.]
[Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum, now Bode-Museum, (Berlin, Germany). Byzantine ivories: diptych. Madonna and child on the right leaf and Christ between St. Peter and St. Paul on the left leaf. VI century]
[Musée de Cluny, (Paris, France). Byzantine ivories: consular diptych leaf of Flavius Dagalaiphus Areobindus, 506 A.D.]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Byzantine ivories. Composite diptych: so-called "Barberini diptych". Scenes with victories, warrior, mounted emperor and barbarians. VI century]