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[British Museum, (London, England). Phoenician, Mycenaean, Greek, Etruscan metalwork: necklaces, bracelets, fibula and other jewelry, from Cyprus, Rhodes, Vulci]
[Etruscan jewelry, various objects of gold, silver, bronze and pottery]
[Etruscan metalwork: technique of granulated jewelry from a drawing by C. Dinsmore Curtis]
[Excavations, (Gerar, Israel). Arab bangles from Gerar. Torso from Gaza]
[Excavations, (Gerar, Israel). Necklaces, 1100-800 B.C.]
[Excavations, (Gerar, Israel). Scarabs, weights, fibulae]
[Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum, now Bode-Museum (Berlin, Germany). Metalwork ornament. Rhodian style]
[Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (Florence, Italy). Gold metalwork: bracelet with granulated decoration from Vetulonia, Italy]
[Museo Archeologico, (Florence, Italy). Etruscan metalwork: gold pin with granulated technique, from Vetulonia]
[Museo Archeologico, (Florence, Italy). Etruscan metalwork: gold, silver and bronze fibulae]
[Museo Gregoriano Etrusco, (Vatican City). Etruscan metalwork in gold: bracelets, brooch and necklace from Caere, Regolini Galassi tomb]
[Museo Preistorico Etnografico Pigorini, (Rome, Italy). Gold dagger, kotyle, tube, ornament and placque from Bernardini Tomb in Palestrina, VII century B.C.]
[Museo Preistorico Etnografico Pigorini, (Rome, Italy). Ivory lions on bronze handle, from Bernardini Tomb in Palestrina, VII century B.C.]
[Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg, (Berlin, Germany). Elladic gold metalwork. Ear ring from Troy]
[Museum of Fine Arts, (Boston, MA, US). Etruscan metalwork in gold: fibula with granulation technique]
[Museum of Fine Arts, (Boston, MA, US). Etruscan metalwork in gold: pendant with granulation technique and drawing showing its design]
[Musée des Antiquitès égyptiennes, (Cairo, Egypt). Gold metalwork: bracelets of Ramses II, jewelry, crowns of gold and enamel. From Dashur and Tell Basta. XII and XIX dynasties]
[Musées des Antiquités, (Istanbul, Turkey). Greek metalwork in gold: fragments of jewelry from Ephesus. Late 8th and 7th centuries]
[National Museum of Ireland, (Dublin, Ireland). Gold pendant: mask of Pan made by Castallani, copy of an Etruscan]
[Staatliche Antikensammlungen, (Munich, Germany). Etruscan metalworks: gold jewelry and box cover from Canino]