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[Archaeological Museum, (Olympia, Greece). Greek inscription: honorary decree of Damocrates of Tenedus on bronze tablet from Olympia. III century B.C.]
[Coin, Greek. Bronze coin from Paestum]
[Coins representing cows]
[Coins, Greek. Bronze and silver coins from Ilium and Hamaxitus, Asia Minor. 400-after 189 B.C.]
[Coins, Greek. Bronze and silver coins from Ilium and Lamponia, Asia Minor]
[Coins, Greek. Coins representing: birds, insects, octopus, plants lions]
[Coins, Greek. Didrachms, obol, triobol, octobol, litras, biunx, uncias from Italy. 480-217 B.C.]
[Coins, Greek. Imperial bronze coins from Athens representing copies of the Athene Promachos of Pheidias, the Acropolis rock, the running Athena, the theatre of Dionysus]
[Coins, Greek. Silver coin and bronze coin representing the statue of Aesculapius by Thrasymedes, from Epidaurus]
[Coins, Greek. Silver coins and bronze coin from Tenedus, 550- 1st century B.C.]
[Coins, miscellaneous: Roman Contorniate, bronze coin, Electrum Stater, Tetradrachm, silver coin, silver stater, Nummus, Electrum hecte, quarter gold stater, Cistophorus]
[Coins, miscellaneous: didrachms, staters and other types of coins from Paestum, Sybaris and Thurium. 580 B.C. - 31 A.D.]
[Etruscan jewelry, various objects of gold, silver, bronze and pottery]
[Medal dedicated to Professor Edward Frank Brown by David Renka (Rome, Italy)]
[Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (Naples, Italy). Italic and Roman metalwork in bronze: helmets and a military standard]
[Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (Naples, Italy). Italic metalwork in bronze: armor, horse trappings from Ruvo and Paestum]
[Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (Naples, Italy). Metalwork in bronze: lamps and vase in form of a situla. From Pompeii]
[Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (Naples, Italy). Pompeian metalwork in bronze: strong box]
[Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (Naples, Italy). Sculpture by Polyclitus school: youth with detail of head, bronze, from a V century B.C. original. Discovered outside Pompeii, near the Vesuvius gate]
[Museo Patrio, (Brescia, Italy). Sculpture, Flavian: Victory, bronze. Found at Brescia]
[Museo Preistorico Etnografico Pigorini, (Rome, Italy). Fragments of bronze cauldron with details
[Regio VI, Insula 15, 1, (Pompeii, Italy). House of the Vettii, sculpture, Julio Claudian: fountain figure, bronze]