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[Archaeological Museum, (Delphi, Greece). Roman sculpture: Antinous photographed from a plaster cast in the Louvre, Paris]
[Braccio Nuovo, (Vatican City). Augustus, from Prima Porta, Rome.]
[Galleria degli Uffizi, (Florence, Italy). Sculpture: Relief from Ara Pacis Augustae. allegorical representation of Tellus]
[Musei Capitolini, (Rome, Italy). Perseus, so-called, and Andromeda, relief. Age of Augustus]
[Musei Capitolini: Palazzo dei Conservatori, (Rome, Italy). Camillus, bronze, Augustan period]
[Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (Naples, Italy). Regio V, Insula 1, 26, Pompeii, Italy. House of Caecilius Jucundus, sculpture, Julio-Claudian: Portrait bust of L. Caecilius Jucundus, bronze]
[Museo Archeologico Nazionale, (Naples, Italy). Regio VIII, Insula 7, 28, Pompeii, Italy. Temple of Isis, sculpture, Julio-Claudian: portrait of Norbanus Sorex, bronze]
[Museo Barracco, (Rome, Italy). Head of Julius Caesar (?), found in Egypt, Diorite. Republican period]
[Museo Gregoriano Profano ex Lateranense, (Vatican City). Freize from Trajan's Forum, fragment]
[Museo Torlonia, (Rome, Italy). Sarcofagus front restored: at left, St. Peter; center, Orant; right, St. Peter as the good Sheperd. IV century]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Ara Pacis Augustae, fragment from: Processional scene. 9 B.C.]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Greek sculpture: standing discobolus from the Appian Way, from a V century original. Roman sculpture, Julio-Claudian: fragmet of large votive relief from Smyrna]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Mondragone Antinous, from Frascati: colossal head. Age of Hadrian]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Roman sculpture: Tellus from Carthage. Probably a replica of the relief from the Ara Pacis Augustae in the Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Sacrifice of the suovertaurilia, relief. Fragment from an unknown monument. Age of the Flavians]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Sarcofagis front: Phaedra and Hippolytus, Apollo and Marsyas. Age of the Antonines]
[Regio VI, Insula 15, 1, (Pompeii, Italy). House of Vettii. Julio-Claudian sculpture: marble basin in the garden]
[Regio VI, Insula 15, 1, (Pompeii, Italy). House of the Vettii, sculpture, Julio Claudian: fountain figure, bronze]
[Villa Medici now in Museo dell'Ara Pacis, (Rome, Italy). Fragments of frieze and pilasters from Ara Pacis Augustae]