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[Biblioteca Apostolica, (Vatican City). Byzantine illuminations from the "Christian Topography of Cosmas Indicopleustes"]
[Bibliothèque Nationale, (Paris, France). Byzantine illumination from the Old Testament representing Joel, Bibl. Nat. Syr. 341. VII century]
[Bibliothèque Nationale, (Paris, France). Byzantine ivories: consular diptych of Flavius Paulus Probus Pompeius Anastasius, 517 A.D.]
[Bibliotèque Nationale, (Paris, France). Bronze die, bearing name and bust of Constans I]
[Bibliotèque Nationale, (Paris, France). Byzantine Illuminatione from the Codex Sinopensis from Sinope: multiplication of loaves and fishes]
[Musée Condé, (Paris, France). Panorama of Rome, XIV century. From the Duke of Berry's Book of Hours]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). "Venus Genetrix", from Frèjus, from a V Century B.C. original]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Ara Pacis Augustae, fragment from: Processional scene. 9 B.C.]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Crouching Aphrodite, From Vienne. From a Hellenistic original]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Crouching Aphrodite, from a Hellenistic original]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Hercules visit to Eurytius: Toxus, Klytius, Didaion, Eurytius, Iphitus, Iole and Hercules. Krater from Caere, VI Century B.C.]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa, "La Gioconda" so-called]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Parting of Orpheus and Eurydice, relief]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Pendant. Mask of Pan]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Sacrifice of the suovertaurilia, relief. Fragment from an unknown monument. Age of the Flavians]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Sarcofagis front: Phaedra and Hippolytus, Apollo and Marsyas. Age of the Antonines]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). Sarcophagus front from Salonica: Combat of Greeks and Amazons]
[Musée du Louvre, (Paris, France). The leading away of Briseis: Agamemnon, Briseis, Talthybius and Diomedes. Kotyle by Hieron, from Nola]