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[Museo Lateranense, now in Museo Pio Cristiano, (Vatican City). Sarcophagus: Christ healing the blind, Camaanite woman, Healing of the paralytic, Entry into Jerusalem. IV Century]
[Museo Nazionale Romano Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, (Rome, Italy). Sarcophagus of the Museo di Viterbo with Good Shepherd and Orant and sarcophagus from via della Lungara with St. Peter nad Orant surrounded by five pingeons. III century]
[Museo Torlonia, (Rome, Italy). Sarcofagus front restored: at left, St. Peter; center, Orant; right, St. Peter as the good Sheperd. IV century]
[Museo Torlonia, (Rome, Italy). Sarcofagus modern forgery: at left, St. Peter; right, Good Sheperd. IV century]
[Palazzo Corsetti, (Rome, Italy). Fragment of a sarcophagus: St. Peter arrest while teaching compared with a detail of a front of a sarcophagus in Museo Pio Cristiano, Rome. IV Century]
[Santa Maria della Concezione, (Rome, Italy). Sarcophagus front restored and suggested restoration]
[Villa Albani, (Rome, Italy). Sarcofagus front restored: Arrest of St. Peter Canaanite woman, Miracle at Cana, Orant, Christ healing the blind multiplication of loaves and fishes raising of Lazarus. IV century]
[Villa Doria Pamphili, (Rome, Italy). Sarcophagus fragment with multiplication of loaves and fishes, and a pagan sacrifice; suggested correct restoration of a dextrarum junctio]
[Villa Doria Pamphili, (Rome, Italy). Sarcophagus fragment, uncorrectly restored, with multiplication of loaves and fishes, and a pagan sacrifice; probably from an original representing a dextrarum junctio]