Blake Collection, 1947-1961

Blake, Marion

1930 - 1961

Photographic materials and papers

Marion Blake was born in New Britain, Connecticut, the daughter of Arthur C. Blake and Elizabeth Snow Blake. Ms. Blake attended college at Mount Holyoke College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in the Greek and Latin languages. Later, she earned her Master of Arts degree and her Ph.D. degree from Cornell University. Blake was a professor of classical languages at a series of five American colleges from 1912 to 1938: Illinois College, Converse College, Mount Holyoke College, Sweet Briar College and Winthrop College. After, Blake took a professional position as a research associate in Roman Archaeology at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C. Thenn, she worked in Italy at the American Academy in Rome from 1947 to 1961. Marion Elizabeth Blake was closely connected with the work of Dr. Esther Boise Van Deman on Roman buidling techniques. She also took on the task of completing her unfinished manuscript on Roman construction technology following her death in 1961.

Marion E. Blake has collected miscellaneous materials during her researches focused on Roman buildings (Republic and early Empire) and Roman mosaics (second century in Italy, Republic, early and late Empire). Working with Esther Van Deman, many notes have been taken during their archaeological surveys and study trips in Italy, Europe and North Africa. The Blake material, always included in the Van Deman Collection, has been discovered and re-evaluated as a unique nucleus. The collection is now an accurate survey, mostly on Italian mosaics; it consists of photographs, personal notes, drawings, postcards, manuscripts and typewritten documents. All this detailed material will be used by Marion Blake for her publications.

One box contains photographs mostly on ancient Roman roads. Two boxes contain paper notes on Italian mosaics. Four boxes contain correspondence, typewritten papers for her publications on "Mosaics of Ostia" and "Roman building techniques" and notes on North Africa mosaics.

The digitized images on the DHC have been selected as samples.

Ca. 134 prints
Ca. 251 Notes and drawings
Ca. 13 Corrispondence and papers

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